polybar [OPTIONS]… BAR


Polybar aims to help users build beautiful and highly customizable status bars for their desktop environment, without the need of having a black belt in shell scripting.


-h, --help

Display help text and exit

-v, --version

Display build details and exit

-l, --log=LEVEL
Set the logging verbosity (default: notice)
LEVEL is one of: error, warning, notice, info, trace
-q, --quiet

Be quiet (will override -l)

-c, --config=FILE

Specify the path to the configuration file. By default, the configuration file is loaded from:

-r, --reload

Reload the application when the config file has been modified

-d, --dump=PARAM

Print the value of the specified parameter PARAM in bar section and exit

-m, --list-monitors

Print list of available monitors and exit

If some monitors are cloned, this will exclude all but one of them

-M, --list-all-monitors

Print list of available monitors and exit

This will also include all cloned monitors.

-w, --print-wmname

Print the generated WM_NAME and exit

-s, --stdout

Output the data to stdout instead of drawing it to the X window

-p, --png=FILE

Save png snapshot to FILE after running for 3 seconds


Michael Carlberg <c@rlberg.se>
Contributors can be listed on GitHub.


Report issues on GitHub <https://github.com/polybar/polybar>